Examples of irony for kids

examples of irony for kids

Here is the example I use with my students and they really get it--An example of irony is when Stanley Yelnats was excited to get to go to Camp. Irony in Children's Literature. Irony is one of those things that younger children don't really understand. However, their books are filled with irony that makes only. Literary Terms Examples : Literary Terms Examples for Kids. Literary Terms Examples / Figure of Speech Examples Irony Examples · Verbal Irony Examples ‎ Irony Examples · ‎ Allusion Examples · ‎ Repetition Examples · ‎ Tragic Flaw Examples.

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Yeah, as you may have already noticed, it implies just the opposite to what it actually states. Home Reference Examples Examples of Irony. What is your educational goal? Login or Sign up. Hope the examples given in this article helped you to understand the concept 'irony' better. I find it ironic that I am allergic to Tylenol Severe Allergy. Famous Books for Elementary Verbal This type of irony occurs when a character says one thing but really means the opposite. Continuing on her walk, Sally noticed a homeless man across the street on a bench. In a general sense, irony is a rhetorical device that is characterized by incongruity in the real situation and what is expected. Popular Courses Prentice Hall America: Let's take the same leading lady and her brother's best friend .


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